"Castles in the Sand"

  • Castles in the sand - An original acrylic painting of a young girl in a black dress building a sand castle at the beach in Oregon
  • Price: - $650.00

    About -This painting is an original Acrylic painting on stretched canvas measuring 16" x 20" in size featuring a young girl in a black dress building a sand castle at the beach in Oregon on a bright sunny day.

    I created this painting of a friend of mine's neice playing in the sand at a beach in Oregon. I wanted to capture those moments that are soon forgotten from childhood of simpler times and fun moments that we have all experienced as children but soon forget as we get older. You are only young once and you can never relive those moments unless they are captured on film or a painting on canvas to remember the good times and the simple joys of innocent youth, time with family and trips to the beach. Capturing these kinds of precious moments is what inspires me to paint. To create fun memories for others but also serve as a reminder to enjoy the days of our youth no matter how old we are in physical years.

    Medium: - Acrylic Painting on stretched canvas
    Style: - Realism, Impressionism
    Size: - 16" high x 20" wide
    Colors - The primary colors in this painting are shades of blue, aquamarine, green, brown, tan, beige, black and white.
    Subject - children, chiildhood, beach, seascapes, ocean, oregon, sand castles, play, sky.
    Shipping - Since this is an original painting, it comes shipped wrapped in protective plastic and a sturdy cardboard box for safe shipping anywhere in the world.

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