Scenic Earth Studios Customer Reviews
"Rick, I have been a fan of yours ever since the Redbubble days. Your work is second to none." - Jeanne Bencich Nations - Ely, Nevada
"I Got my print!!!!!!! Yea! How beautiful! Prettier even on print than on the computer's screen! A very lovely job, Mr. Rick! A perfectly captured moment that one can stand and sink in and swim away in for a long long time. It must be very rewarding to be able to paint such art" - Sharon from Montgomery, AL
"'Pictures of You' is a pencil drawing of a woman with the most striking, piercing eyes I have ever seen. They seem to almost penetrate to your soul. It is the coolest, most eerie feeling that I have ever gotten from a piece of artwork, so awesome it sent chills down my spine the first time I saw it" - Brett from Atanta, GA
"The photo arrived today in perfect condition. It is exactly as I expected and I am delighted. Thanks for the great service. I will certainly recommend your website to my friends. You are definitely an artist with a camera and this photo is especially striking" - Anne from Oldsmar, FL
"Your painting and work is wonderful. God keep and guide you always Rick in all what you do. The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls." - Rebbeca from Romania
"So I just went to your site...You are good!...I have taught for over 26 have an excellent eye for composition and color. What stands out in your work is the path of the eye as you view your is distinct which lays a foundation of strength. Your sense of color is natural as well, which is something that cannot be taught. You are quite gifted... " - Artist Laurie Elle Pace from Texas
"Your art truly touches my soul and my heart. Your art has a unique quality that I find exquisite. I think I could just contemplate some of your works for hours and truly enjoyed your website" - Debbie from St. Petersburg, FL
"Wow you are an amazing artist. Looks like God has blessed you with many talents" - Beth from Ohio
"Very moving. I detected a stillness and a peace in what I saw (from your gallery)" - Nickolas from Altamonte Springs, FL
Reviews and Feedback from Auction Customers