The Collector's Corner at Scenic Earth Studios

"Hide and Seek" - Art for the child at heart

Hide and Seek - A group of pre-school aged chidren standing on a deck at the beach play hide and seek with the clouds seeing their favorite toys, pets and imaginary friends when they open their eyes.

If you could create the perfect day for any child, what would be a better day then a day at the beach and a gathering with your best friends? Some of the best times are times spent with friends as children playing, dreaming and living in the moment with no worries about the past or the future. This painting is all about capturing the innocence of childhood and childhood dreams. I depicted a group of children playing hide and seek after attending a birthday party together with their best friends and surrounded by their favorite stuffed animal friends and visions of their animal friends in the clouds. As the Children open their eyes and look up to the clouds, they see their visions appear in the clouds. Can you see them? How many horses can you count in the clouds? How many Teddy Bears? What else do you see?

About - This painting was created in 2013 using acrylics on poster board and is signed in the corner by me and comes matted on a white matte board and brass metal frame. This painting is great for a children's room, nursery, daycare, school, children's hospital, play room, bedroom or anywhere that inspires children of all ages to dream.

Medium: - Acrylic Painting on poster board
Size: - 20" x 30" in size

Colors - The colors in this painting are a vivid sky blue with detail of the childrens clothing in red, pink, white, orange, green and shades of denim blue jean blue, with green, brown, beige and blue being the primary background colors.

Subject - Children, Kids at play, hide and seek, teddy bears, horses, trains, stuffed animal toys, seascape, the beach, dreams, imagination.

Shipping - Since this is an original painting, it comes shipped matted and dry mounted on an acid free foam core board and wrapped in a cardboard envelope and box for safe shipping that cannot be bent or folded during handling and delivery.