• "The Shadow Walker"

    An original acrylic painting by Rick Short, Copyright All Rights Reserved.
  • The Shadow Walker of Nags Head - A painting of a young blonde haired girl walking along the sand dunes of Nags Head seeing her shadow as a horse reflecting her dreams of her best friend, a Nag named Shadow

  • Price: - $425.00

    About this Painting - There is always something special about going to the beach and summer when you are a child. This painting not only captures the imagination of a child playing at the beach thinking about her friend and counterpart but captures the innocence of childhood. This is a Southwest style art painting with lots of texture, color, shadow and lighting. The subject is a little girl walking along the beach and dunes of Nags Head, North Carolina. As she explores the beach, she sees her shadow and imagines the body of a horse peering out from her own long shadows. Whether it be the spirit of Nags Head calling out to her, a love of horses or a dearly beloved pet at home, her Spirit shadow keeps her company as she plays at the beach.

    Medium: - Original Acrylic painting on stretched canvas.
    Style: - Southwest Art, Realism
    Size: - 16" high x 20" wide
    Colors - The primary colors in this painting are beige, tan, shades of blue, red, purple, brown, black, yellow, green and white.
    Subject - Girl, child, children playing, imagination, beach, Nags Head, North Carolina, Beach, sand, dunes, horse, shadow, walker.
    Shipping - Since this is a large sized original painting, it comes shipped wrapped in protective plastic and a sturdy cardboard box for safe shipping anywhere in the world.
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