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Downloading images from the internet can be a tricky endeavor. On one hand, there is plenty of content that is freely available and downloadable. On the other hand, you could be easily breaking copyright law and infringing on someone else's intellectual property. Giving credit to a content creator is not enough, you need to receive written permission prior to using anyone's artwork or photography.

All images, artwork, paintings, prints, photographs, videos, animations and even written copy shown on this site are the sole property of Rick Short and are copyright protected by law. Copyright Rick Short, All Rights Reserved. No images, photographs, animations or any digital content can be copied, reprinted, published, shared, downloaded, sold or displayed without the written express approval of Rick Short.

If you are right-clicking or attempting to download any image, written material, video, animations, creative content or artwork from this site without permission then you are in violation of copyright law. Any websites, blogs or web servers found containing content from this site or any of our partner sites where we show and sell our work will be contacted by our legal team to seek compensation for those items and reported to the proper authorities to have our content removed from those servers as well as seek damages for loss of sales.

Copyright infringement is considered a Cybercrime. If you are not familiar with copyright laws, here are some links that describe copyright law in detail as well as a link to The US Department of Justice website detailing the punishment for this crime.

The US Department of Justice Copyright Infringement Penalties
Copyright Infringement