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We partner with the United States Copyright Office, CopyTrack and DMCA to protect our intellectual property, photography, paintings, digital artwork and all artwork that we create. If you receive a letter from one of these agencies representing us to bill you for artwork that you have taken and used without our permission or payment, please do not contact us. Contact the agency that contacted you. Failure to comply with these agencies may result in further legal action as well as damage to your own reputation.

All images, artwork, paintings, prints, photographs, videos, animations and even written copy shown on this site are the sole property of Rick Short and are copyright protected by Federal law. Copyright Rick Short, All Rights Reserved. No images, photographs, artwork, animations or any digital content can be copied, reprinted, published, shared, downloaded, sold or displayed without the written express approval of Rick Short.

Copyright violation is a crime that has serious consequences

Downloading and using images from the internet can be a very risky endeavor. On one hand, there is plenty of content that is quickly available and easily downloadable. On the other hand, you could be breaking copyright law and infringing on someone else's intellectual property rights by using content that you did not pay for or receive permission to use. Giving credit to a content creator is not enough, you need to receive written permission prior to using anyone's artwork, writing, photography or intellectual property. All Artwork over the internet is automatically copyright protected. That means if you are voluntarily downloading images over the internet to be used on a blog, website, file sharing site, online store, stock gallery, personal page, social media page or other content then you are violating someone's copyright and committing a cybercrime that has legal consequences as well as damage to you and your organization's reputation.

If you are right-clicking or attempting to download any image, written material, video, animations, creative content or artwork from this site or any of our *affiliate store sites without permission then you are in violation of copyright law. Any websites, blogs or web servers found containing content from this site or any of our partner sites where we show and sell our work will be contacted by our legal team to seek compensation for those items and reported to Federal Government authorities to have our content removed from those servers as well as seek damages for loss of sales.

Copyright infringement is considered a Cybercrime by the United States Department of Justice. Since our artwork is registered with the United States Copyright office, then stealing artwork from this website or any of our *affiliate store sites at Zazzle.com or other affiliate partners is a Federal crime and will be handled by the Federal Authorities. If you are not familiar with copyright laws, here are some links that describe copyright law in detail as well as a link to The US Department of Justice website detailing the punishment for this crime.

The US Department of Justice Copyright Infringement Penalties
Copyright Infringement

If you are caught stealing from this website or any of our partner store sites

We use services such as Copytrack, Google Images, TinEye, The United States Copyright Office, The FBI and US Department of Justice to register, track and report stolen artwork from our website. If you receive a takedown notice and / or an invoice from our legal team, CopyTrack or other legal services we use and choose to ignore the notice, then we will contact agencies with the Federal Government to pursue this case to be tried in a Federal court of law.

We will not waste time contacting you directly as we have a business to run and do not have time to deal with people who steal then make excuses for it. We use websites to track stolen art from our website and *affiliate store sites and will report the theft to the proper authorities for you to answer to and face any penalties that you may incur including legal fees and or jail time.

If you contact us to say 'We did not know we were breaking the law" or "We did knot know this was your work", that is not a valid excuse any more than you telling a police officer that you did not know you were breaking the law. If you have money to purchase a computer, purchase a website, run a business or a blog to make money, then you have the money to pay for the use of artwork whether it be a digital image that you download to save to your computer and repost to your website, blog, social media page or print media that you copy and reprint to promote an event, activity, non-profit or business.

If you are a church, christian blogger, religous organization or non- profit organization that is caught taking and using artwork from our website or *affiliate store sites, then we will contact the Federal Authorities to deal with this theft. We have had churches and religous organizations steal from us in the past without so much of an apology and tried to negotiate with them. No longer. If you have artwork on your website that you did not create, photograph, purchase or receive permission to use, then you are stealing and using work that does not belong you and receiving a financial benefit. If we have contacted you to remove artwork that we have created and you have not purchased from us, we will file a complaint with the federal government and you will pay any legal fees, court fees or jail time as well as risk losing your non-profit status as a church. As hard as that may sound, we have consulted our own church on how to deal with this issue and feel that if you are a church that is representing the name of Christ but using content that you have not paid for, then that crime needs to be reported to the proper authorities.

We have worked hard to create a business that is run ethically, honestly and honorably using our minds and creative talent combined with hours and hours of hard work. If you do not respect our business enough to pay for our services and products we create and choose to purposefuly and intentionally steal from us, then we will show you the same amount of disrespect and report you to the proper federal and local authorities to deal with any legal or financial consequences you may incur.

*Affiliate Store Sites - Stores that we use to sell our work including local area art galleries, church exhibits, retail stores and online partner websites such as Zazzle.com, Lightstock.com, RedBubble.com, eBay.com, Facebook.com, Twitter.com, Pinterest.com or other social media websites and art websites that we use to sell, promote and display our artwork to potential art collectors, purchasing agents, or anyone wishing to purchase our art for private or public use.