Scenic Earth Studios Fine Art Gallery featuring the artwork of Rick Short

About Scenic Earth Studios

Scenic Earth Studios was launched in March of 1996 as an online art gallery and design studio to reach customers across the globe and bring fine art paintings directly into our customer's homes using the world wide web.

Our business is a cottage industry that utlizes the latest technology tools, software and hardware to display art we create on paper, canvas, fabric, wood and digital media. This website is our way of expanding our borders to reach the community across the earth that we celebrate and bring joy to those who love, create and collect art.

Here at Scenic Earth Studios, every day is "Earth Day" and "work" is not a four letter word here. Here in our studios, we dream, design, paint, build, code, test, engineer and aim to create fun experiences for our fans in the form of artwork. Our goal is to create a family-friendly art studio where imagination fuels our minds and gives our customers the chance to dream and decorate with color, art and imagination. Our core beliefs are that creativity is recession proof and we have built our studio around that belief.

Our Impact on the Environment

How we shape our world is an important part of Scenic Earth Studios Philosophy. Our goal is to have a positive effect on the environment and make the earth a more beautiful place. There is only one Earth and we want to do our part to preserve and share its beauty for generations to come.

Connect with us

Connect with us and keep in touch to see some of our latest projects, gallery shows on tour, behind the scenes tours, prints and original paintings for sale on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and our eBay auction site.





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